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Production Crew Safety Awareness Course

Production Crew Safety Awareness Course

This is a one day Firearm Safety Awareness course for directors, production staff and crew. The course will cover all aspects of safety in relation to the use of firearms on a production and highlight how to ensure all crew and staff know how to work safely with prop firearms used in productions and mitigate any risks to everyone on the set.  


This course can be run on the set, or at our training location in North London

  • Product Information

    This One Day Course is available to people in the Televison, Film and theatre production profession. Course applicants will be asked to prove they are in this profession and will be required to provide their names and addresses to the Course Administration.  

    Having completed this course you will have aquired an accreditation through TrinintyFox Ltd and you will be on our database as having passed this course. 

    Attendees will be required to do a small amount of physical movement. 

    Attendees will be required to sign a disclaimer prior to training taking place. 


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