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Actors Basic Firearms Safety and Introduction Course
  • Actors Basic Firearms Safety and Introduction Course

    Introduction course by our instructors into the safe handling of various firearms and equipment and basic firearms handling skills. This one day course gives the attendees the confidence and ability to carry a firearm on set during filming, safely, competently and in a realistic manner.


    This course can be provided on location within the UK or at our training facility in North London. To assist Production Teams we can steer the training to make it relevant to a scene or scenario and depending on the production can be either Police or Military SF orientated.


    Cost to be confirmed depending on location 


      This One Day Course is available to people in the acting profession. Course applicants will be asked to prove they are in this profession and will be required to provide their names and addresses to the Course Administration. This is a pass or fail course.  

      Having completed this course you will have aquired an accreditation through Trininty Fox Ltd and you will be on our database as having passed this course. 

      Attendees will be required to do a small amount of physical movement and its reccomended attendees wear loose fitting cargo type trousers with a good belt, trainers or walking type boots, and T shirt and light jacket / fleece etc. 

      Attendees will be required to sign a disclaimer prior to training taking place. 


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