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Next 2 day Tactical Firearms Courses 

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Television and Film Support

“A thorough, enabling, practical course that is both professional and hugely informative. Chris and his instructors take firearms safety seriously and treat their students with respect whilst running a very enjoyable and inclusive course "

Kristian Dench  - Producer 'The Capture' BBC

TrinityFox is the only company in the world that has Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officer (CTSFO) instructors supporting productions from script to on set advice and training actors . We have career experience in covert policing, threat to life operations, personal protection, an extensive variety of investigations, strategic and tactical operational response.


A company formed of ex UK Metropolitan Police, Special Forces and international firearms experts who provide firearms safety training and on set support to the television and film industry. We provide tailored training and instruction for actors and stunt professionals for specific roles and scenes in productions that require bespoke firearms training and safety input.


We work with writers, producers and directors to ensure the actors achieve the absolute realism and the on screen look required for any production.

We provide actors and stunt professionals courses in firearm safe handling and familiarisation. These courses span one, two or five days duration either on set or at various locations in the UK including north London. 

In addition we also provide a one day 'Production Crew Firearm Safety Awareness' course for directors, production staff and crew. The course will cover all aspects of safety in relation to the use of firearms on a production and highlight how to ensure all crew and staff know how to work safely with prop firearms used in productions and mitigate risks on the set.  

We have provided support and firearm safety training for actors on major BBC dramas and on film sets in the UK.

About Us



Professional Training for the Best Image on Screen

We want to provide actors and production teams with the best firearms safety and handling skills learnt from our elite instructors in order to get the best and most realistic outcome achievable on screen. 

We provide the required safe handling skills platform that actors and stunt professional working with a prop firearm on a production should have as a minimum. 

We have provided training and on site filming support to actors and the writers, directors and producers of major film and BBC dramas ensuring the benefit and skills provided by our training input is directly transcribed from the classroom and training environment to the set.

Our instructors are specialist in three main areas of firearm usage: 




Police use of Firearms/Taser, baton, CS Spray, handcuffs and use of officer safety arrest and restraint procedures whilst in a either overt or covert tactical deployment role. 

Police tactics to deploy to an incident and the use and designated roles of officers within a police environment, for example armed stops on a vehicle or an armed tactical search of a building.

Our Police Firearms Instructors have served in an armed policing role for within Scotland Yard's famous SO19 Firearms Unit. Serving  on Armed Response Vehicles (ARVs) covering the Mets armed response to firearms incidents in London, as well as Specialist Firearms Officer (SFO) roles and also the prestigious and highly trained Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer (CTSFO) roles


Instruction skills mainly cover the following categories of actor roles;


Unarmed Uniform or Detective roles. 

Armed Uniform or Detective roles.

Royalty and  Diplomatic Officers.

Close Protection Officers (CPOs).

Armed Response Vehicle Officers (ARV).

Specialist Firearm Officers (SFO).

Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers (CTSFO).



Our instructors are highly trained and experienced ex UK Special Forces instructors. Only the UK and USA have Tier 1 Special Forces teams and our instructor was one of these elite instructors. 

These skills mainly cover the following categories of actor roles:

Uniformed or covert Military.

Overtly armed uniformed or covert Military.

Military Close Protection Teams.

Specialist Military roles.

UK/ US Special Forces Teams and Operations.


Our Dynamic Shooting instructor, is an ex Metropolitan Police officer but is also one of the UK's most highly respected competition shooters in the country. He's been the UK Champion for dynamic shooting for a decade and he provides the look and skills making the actors look like professionals in the skills and method of firearms handling and use. 


The look and feel of dynamic shooting skills greatly enhances the on screen effect and tone of the production.





“A thorough, enabling, practical course that is both professional and hugely informative. Chris and his instructors take firearms safety seriously and treat their students with respect whilst running a very enjoyable and inclusive course "

Kristian Dench  - Producer 'The Capture' BBC

“I did the 2 day course with Trinity Fox, and I highly recommend it. Anybody wanting to gain experience and know how, not only with tactical manoeuvres and the jargon used by specialist Firearms and Counter Terrorism officers, but also about weapon safety and how to handle guns with confidence and poise on a film set will sill find this course invaluable. 

The instructors were friendly and funny, yet rigorous and methodical.There is a constant flow of banter, but that never threats to overwhelm the seriousness of the subject they are informing on. The course is crammed full of priceless information, both analytical and practical. The instructors also created scenarios where you can viscerally feel what it is like to be a special firearms officers.

This course is a must for any actor or creator who is involved in a project containing firearms police or Counter Terrorism officers, as their specific knowledge is second to none. It was a great help for me, and something I would do again in a heartbeat."

Luke Neal - Writer and Actor


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